Cardano ADA Staking Calculator

The ADA staking calculator demonstrates what ADA staking rewards could be expected based on the customisable values set in the parameters section of the calculator. Tinker with the values to see how it effects the ADA staking reward.
Once the offical staking incentive specification has been released by the Cardano Foundation the calculator will swap out its current default parameters for those written into the specification.
The calculator, features, and formula used was heavily inspired by the work from Emergo employee and Cardano extraordinaire: vantuz-subhuman, and his open-source project.

DISCLAIMER: This unofficial calculator is for demonstration/educational purposes only. It currently uses highly speculative default param values. The results shown on this page must not be used as financial advise. This website and calculator have absolutely no connection with IOHK, Emergo or The Cardano Foundation.

Staking Reward Results:

Total ADA Staked: ₳ 1000
Total ADA Reward: ₳ 35.191443
ROI: 3.519 %
Time Avg.ADA Reward
Per Day₳0.096415
Per Week₳0.676759
Per Month₳2.93262
Per Year₳35.191443

Cardano Staking Calculator Parameters:

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User Parameters

0.000007% of total ADA staked 0.000003% of total ADA supply for 2019
31112484646 total ADA supply at start of 2019 13887515354 total remaining ADA in reward pool at start of 2019

Environment Parameters

48.212157% of 2019s total ADA supply is staked
0.034722 transactions per second
0.175508 avg transaction fee 352.393683 avg taxed block reward

System Parameters

2.231824% supply inflation for 2019 694375767.7 new minted ADA coins issued for 2019
138913589.851 ADA added to treasury for duration of 2019

Pool Parameters

1.852181 yearly ADA stake pool fee